Plotter Instructions

Use of the large format printers in MacLean 128 and the Copy Center is restricted only to Thayer School users who have access to Thayer network shares.

Printing is done via HP software on the dedicated release station next to the printer. Files must first be formatted as Powerpoint or PDF, and saved Jumbo in the public plotter folder.

The plotter can print documents up to 42" wide.

There now is 2 large format printers available in MacLean M128:

m128-plotter & m128-plotter2

Instructions for printing

  1. All files to be printed must be first copied to the plotter folder on Jumbo. Instructions on connecting to Jumbo are here.
  2. At the release station to the left of the printer, open the HP Instant Print application.
  3. To select your document, click the plus-sign labeled ADD TO LIST in the upper-left.
  4. Browse to the plotter folder on Jumbo to select your file, then click Open. (There is a shortcut to the folder on the Desktop to make browsing simpler.)
  5. Select your file in the left column, then under Fit to select Roll from the drop-down list. This will ensure that your document will fill the entire width of the roll of paper. Note that you are shown a preview of how the document will look coming out of the printer. If you need to print smaller than 42" you can also select Custom and adjust the size appropriately.
  6. To rotate the document, first select Printable Area Settings on the right, then choose one of the orientation options.
  7. When you are satisfied with how the document looks, click the Print button to send your document to the printer.

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