Tablet Monitor

Thayer School has one YIYNOVA MSP19U+ and two Wacom Cintiq 22HD tablet monitor for use in the classroom or recording lectures for later viewing.  The Tablet connects to your computer and displays your desktop (or PowerPoint, PDF etc) and also allows you to write on the screen through the use of software such as Ink2Go and a Stylus.  Ink2Go provides you with blank pages to write on, useful for showing calculations, and you can switch back and forth between these pages and your presentation using the Stylus.  To use one of these Tablet Monitors you will need the following.

The tablet monitor connects to your computer via VGA (Yiynova) or DVI (Wacom)  Make sure that the display setting is optimized for the Tablet monitor. (On Mac, System Preferences, Displays).

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