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Thayer School Computing Resources

Hello from your friendly Thayer Computing Services Team (TSCS)! We’re here to provide you with resources like access to software, classroom technologies, troubleshooting help, and any other computing support you might need at Thayer.

If you need to contact TSCS, please feel free to:

Useful Links & FAQ

Our full database of how-to links & resources is available here, at

What do I do when my computer when it breaks? ▾

What software does Thayer provide for me? ▾

Can I access ThayerFS, Jumbo, Virtual Lab software etc. from home? ▾

How do I connect to the VPN? ▾

How do I use my Thayer Shares(ThayerFS) storage? ▾

How do I use the plotters (large format printers)? ▾

What is Kite Drive and how do I use it? ▾

How do I record a lecture? ▾

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