Abaqus is a finite element analysis suite used by several research groups at Thayer.  

There are 2 shared research licenses that should only be used by members of the groups who have shared the expense.

In addition to the research licenses there are 40 teaching licenses which may not be used for research.  The difference between teaching and research licenses is described at


To run the research version of abaqus on Thayer linux computers do the following

  • Create a file named "abaqus_v6.env" in the directory in which you will be running abaqus
  • Put the following line in the file and save it.
    • academic=RESEARCH
  • Run the command "abaqus cae"

The lab computers in M210 default to running the teaching license, which cannot be used for research.  If you need to run a research license on one of the lab Windows computers please send an email to "computing@thayer.dartmouth.edu".

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