Aspen is available in M210, and Thayer Virtual Lab.  It can be installed on personal Windows machines.

Using in M210

Aspen is found in the Start menu under AspenTech

Using on Thayer Virtual Lab (Mac and Windows)

Install by instructions for Virtual Computer Lab

Connect and run!

Not recommended, Installation on a Personal Computer

System Recommendations:

  • 10 GB on Hard Drive for Software
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1+ Hours to install

Please use an "On Campus" network connection (wired connection preferable) for installation.

Install Aspen on Windows:

  1. In the AspenONE  Installer, Select 32-bit, Click "Install aspenONE products":
    1. Accept License
    2. Select "Custom Install",
      1. Check "Process Modeling (Aspen Plus)"
      2. Check "Aspen Energy Analyzer"
      3. Check "Aspen Simulation Workbook"
      4. Check "Economic Evaluation"
    3. Specify "License Server"
      1. Type for "License Server", and click "Add Server", 
    4. Click "Next", Click "Install Now"

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