CrystalMaker provides a collection of applications for exploring crystal lattices and their diffractions.

Thayer School has purchased a departmental site license (all applications, all users, all purposes) for all these applications which will need to be renewed each year, at which time we will evaluate whether we should renew this annual license or not. If you become reliant on this software, please let us know so we can endeavor to avoid outages, the software will actually cease working when the annual license expires.

CrystalMaker is available from:

  • On Windows:
    • \\thayerfs\courses\software\CrystalMaker\Win or
    • P:\software\CrystalMaker\Win (if you have used the mapthayerfs.vbs utility)
  • On Mac:
    • smb://thayerfs/courses/software/CrystalMaker/Mac using the "Finder->Go->Connect To Server..." command, or
    • courses->software->CrystalMaker->Mac , if you have already have the ThayerFS shortcuts

You will need the license codes in the file named LicenseCodes.txt in the parent folder of the Mac and Win folders specified above.