Document Camera

Thayer School has four Document Cameras for use in the classroom.   They are similar in function to an overhead projector but are used for viewing printed material rather than transparencies and connect to a projector for display. The two Document cameras are:

  • Elmo MO-1 (2ea)
  • Epson DC-11 (1ea)
  • Epson DC-21 (1ea)

The Elmo is very light and portable.

The Epsons are heavier but have a somewhat better camera and can simultaneously display two 8 1/2x11 sheets of paper compared to one for the Elmo.

The Epsons also have an SD card should you want to pre-load images for display.

Note, if recording your class, the Document camera cannot be set to WXGA.  

The Elmo's have a switch on the bottom to choose between XGA and WXGA.  Select XGA for recording

The Epson's use a menu button.  Navigate to the display settings and make sure that WXGA is not selected.

Using a Document Camera

If you are using the document camera in a room with a TouchPanel display, make sure that "VGA" is selected on the TouchPanel. 

Please see Thayer Computing Services in M126 or M227 if you would like to use one of these Document Cameras.

Connect the VGA Cable

  • Elmo:    "RGB Out"
  • Epson:  "Display Out"

Connect the Power Cable

  • Elmo:    "DC IN 5V"
  • Epson:  "Power"

Turn on the Camera

  • Elmo:    Press the round, silver button with the power icon.
  • Epson:  Press the square, white button with the yellow power icon.

Select the Proper Input

  • Elmo:    Press the round silver "Input" button until the "RGB" LED is lit.
  • Epson:  Press the "Source" Button to select the "Camera" icon (instead of the PC icon).

Pictures of the Elmo

Pictures of the Epson

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