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For Dartmouth users needing to transfer files larger than e-mail will allow, Thayer provides a web-based Dropbox service. This service allows Dartmouth users to either upload files for retrieval by other Dartmouth or non-Dartmouth users or create dropboxes for non-Dartmouth users to upload files. The Dropbox allows files of up to 4GB to be uploaded.

To access the Thayer School Dropbox, visit this link:


You can use a dropbox to:

  • Send a single file to one or more people
  • Allow a non-Dartmouth user to upload a single file to you
  • Send a file that is too large for email

Although only Dartmouth users can create a new dropbox, you can allow anyone access to it by sending them its unique link.

Anytime someone either downloads a file from or uploads a file to one of your dropboxes, you'll get an email letting you know.

Creating a Dropbox

To create a dropbox, start by clicking the "Create" link on the navigation bar. You'll then click a button to actually create the empty dropbox.

Once an empty dropbox is created, you'll be shown its web address and given an opportunity to either upload a file into it or send its web address to someone else. Empty dropboxes will be automatically removed after 7 days.

If you upload a file into a dropbox, you'll then be given the option to send the web address to someone else.

A non-Dartmouth user can upload a file into an empty dropbox, but cannot create one on their own. When a file is uploaded into one of your dropboxes, you will get an emmail to let you know.

Uploading a File

Once you have created an empty dropbox, you can upload a file into it. The unique address for this dropbox can then be sent to other people so they can download the file. Each time a file is downloaded from one of your dropboxes, you will get an emmail to let you know.

When a file is uploaded to a dropbox, the expiry timer is reset, so the dropbox will not be automatically removed until another 7 days have passed.

Keep in mind the following when uploading files:

  • The maximum file size allowed is 4GB, and uploaded files will be removed after 7 days.
  • Do not upload sensitive or confidential information to this site! Files uploaded to dropboxes are not encrypted or protected in any way. Although it is unlikely, someone other than your intended recipient could guess the dropbox code and download your file.
  • All uploads to this site are governed by Dartmouth Computing Policies and the Dartmouth Honor Principle.

Listing Dropboxes

When you click the "List" link on the navigation bar, you will get a listing of all of your dropboxes, the files they contain, and the expiration dates of the dropboxes. If you have lost the link to any of your dropboxes, it can be copied from this list.

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