Eagle PCB

Eagle PCB is a tool for designing printed circuit boards.  We currently have version 6.5.

Thayer School has 10 key served licenses each of the Layout Editor, Schematic Editor, and Auto Router  features.  These licenses are available in the M210 Windows computer lab and in our Virtual Computer Lab.

Problems and Solutions:

Problem: Eagle needs to be customized by a user on each machine it is installed on.  So the first time a person tries to run eagle they will get a message: "EAGLE needs to install a license file on your computer in order to work".  

Solution: The solution is to click 'Cancel', Go to the start menu->Programs->EAGLE Layout Editor 6.5 and run "Fix_Eagle_Registration" (it's right next to the "EAGLE 6.5.0" shortcut).  And then watch for a minute as electronic gremlins move the mouse around, and text appears to finish the configuration.