Getting Authorized to use Thayer School Systems

Individuals need to be authorized by Thayer School Computing Services before they can use our lab computers, compute servers, and file servers. People who automatically qualify for authorization include:

  • Students enrolled in Thayer School courses
  • Thayer School and affiliated faculty
  • Staff

We provision students accounts for access to our systems when they enroll for their first engineering class.  We provision staff accounts for access to our systems when they go into the Thayer School Online Directory.  Others (external collaborators, temporary employees or contractors not on Dartmouth payroll, students not enrolled in Thayer School courses, etc.) need a faculty or staff sponsor to get authorization.  Sponsors can contact Thayer School HR with their requests. Sponsorship will get you a Dartmouth account and NetID if you don't have one already.  Sponsored accounts expire every 12 months but can be renewed using the same sponsorship mechanism if still needed.

Authorization to use Thayer School systems expires when an individual leaves Dartmouth or their affiliation with Thayer School ends.  We delete data in expired home directories, so please plan accordingly.

Most Thayer systems and resources rely on NetID Username credentials for authentication.