Live Class Survey


Live Class Survey is a web browser tool developed here at Thayer to facilitate technology based in-class interaction. It allows the professor to ask questions in class and immediately get feedback from students, much like clickers but using student-owned devices instead.  Each student points his or her web browser on any device to LCS, and the professor directs the flow of when questions are asked and when results are released to be discussed.  The professor can interleave slides with the questions.  One professor used LCS with slides which the students watched on their own screens, thereby allowing him to raise the projector screen and write on the entire chalkboard with one hand while wearing an iPad strapped to his other hand to control LCS.


In Person Demonstration

If you would like a hands on demonstration, we are happy to arrange some time to do so. We appreciate questions and feedback.

Feature Presentation


Multiple Choice Question

Question Adding / Editing

Formula Display and Approximation

Random Variables and Formulaic Answer Checking

Writing / Drawing

Collaborative Writing / Drawing

Classroom Camera Integration

Student Feedback

Writing Tests

In Class Use

Possible uses

  • Call the entire classroom to answer questions (clicker)
    • test comprehension on the fly
    • keep students focused by soliciting input
    • voting
    • use input in models
  • Display slides
    • frees up projector space
    • information in student's personal spheres
  • Monitor attendance & participation
    • Responses are recorded for later analysis
  • Embed video feed from classroom for remote teaching (experimental)
  • Instant Messaging to teacher (experimental)


  • a web browser

LCS is well integrated with Dartmouth's services: WebAuth & Active Directory mainly which are leveraged to determine authentication & permission. No registration or extra steps of any kind are required to use it, just point a web browser to .

Creating Surveys

Please contact to request a 30 minutes demo on how to create surveys in the admin interface.m