Large Format Printer (Plotter) Instructions

Use of the large format printers (plotters) in MacLean 210 and the Copy Center is restricted only to Thayer School users who have access to Thayer network shares. Printing is done via HP software on the dedicated release station next to the printer. 

The plotter can print documents up to 42" wide.

Before you print: Upload your PDF to Jumbo

Make sure your poster is formatted as a PDF.

Connect to the Thayer Jumbo share and save your PDF in the plotter folder. 

Connecting to Jumbo

Follow the instructions for your operating system on our  Thayer Shares Connecting article. From that page you can download a utility for connecting to the Jumbo share.

Save your file in the "plotter" folder

Once you have connected to Jumbo, drag and drop your PDF to save it in the "plotter" folder. 

The workstation computer at the printer has a shortcut to the "plotter" folder, so you should be able to see your file on that computer.

NOTE: plotter is a public folder, so anything you save there is accessible by anyone else connected to Jumbo. The contents of the plotter folder are periodically deleted.

At the printer 

There is a plotter located in MacLean 210 and another in the Copy Center adjacent to the Atrium.

Printing Instructions

1. Open the Desktop shortcut to the plotter folder and drag your file into the HP Click Plotter Software.

2. Fit your poster to the roll

  • Click the three dots underneath the thumbnail of your poster and select the Page Size icon.
  • In the dialog that appears, under "General", select "Fit to roll portrait" or "Fit to roll landscape" depending on what is appropriate for your poster.

3. Once you've adjusted the size and scale, click Print!