macOS Printing

Important note about printing from a Mac

Using Thayer School Printers

  1. From within the application, select the print function as normal, usually File -> Print or <cmd> + P
  2. From the Printer: pull-down menu, select Add Printer...
  3. In the Add Printer window, maker sure the Default tab is active and select the printer you want from the list. Click the Add button.

    The official Thayer printers are all listed with the suffix @thayercups. You may see other printers listed without this suffix, but they are likely personal printers and should not be selected unless you have permission from the person who owns the printer.

Deleting Unneeded Printers

  1. Open the Printers & Scanners preference pane from the System Preferences.
  2. Simply highlight the printer you wish to delete, and click the minus sign " - " below the list.

Printing at Williamson

The drivers are not provided by Apple. You can download the drivers for the printer here:

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