Managing Passwords

NetID Password

Your NetID username and password are used to authenticate you to most campus-wide resources.

Most faculty, staff, and students will automatically receive a NetID and account when you start at Dartmouth.

You can check whether your account has been created or not and look up the exact NetID here. Please note that for new hires it can sometimes take some time from your start date at Dartmouth or Thayer School for your account to be created. If your account has not been activated after several days, please let us know (visit 126 MacLean or email and we will investigate.

You will set your initial password for your NetID when you claim your account at

Changing Your Password

If you forgot your NetID password, please visit and enter your name or NetID.

If you aren't able to reset your password, please send a help request to Before resetting your password, we will need to check a government or Dartmouth issued photo ID.