Dartmouth College has a campus-wide site license for MATLAB from MathWorks. This site license permits students, faculty, and staff to install MATLAB on their own personal and Dartmouth/Thayer owned computers. This is a stand-alone license and does not require a connection to the Dartmouth network to run.

Installing MATLAB on your own computer

Download from Mathworks

Dartmouth's site-wide License allows for directly downloading from

Information on creating a MathWorks account and using MATLAB at Dartmouth is available at From this page, click on the Site License Downloads link to find the actual Download and Installation instructions.

Using on Thayer Virtual Lab (Mac and Windows)

Install following the instructions for Virtual Computer Lab

Connect and run!


You can access a full-featured online version of MATLAB here:

Keep in mind that you cannot access any ThayerFS, Jumbo or Google Drive data directly from the online version of MATLAB. You can upload to or download files from your MATLAB Drive here:

Distributed computing with MATLAB

Information about parallel computing with the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox is at:


MATLAB documentation is available online at:


MATLAB training is provided each term by Research Computing. For more information, visit their Training page:

MathWorks offers training through their MATLAB Academy:

LinkedIn Learning has online training for MATLAB here:


MATLAB programs can be compiled so that they can be run without using a license from Dartmouth's license server. Information about compiling MATLAB programs can be found here:

Note that after you have compiled a MATLAB program on linux, you will need to alter some environment variables for the program to find the proper libraries:

export XAPPLRESDIR=/thayerfs/apps/matlab/X11/app-defaults

These commands can be executed manually, through a script, with an alias, etc., but must be run prior to running your compiled MATLAB program.

Updating/Re-Activating MATLAB License 

If your license is expiring or has expired, follow these instructions to update your license.


Saving results automatically

End Matlab Scripts with the save command. Code to save all variables in current session:

Filename = sprintf('results_%s.mat', datestr(now,'mm-dd-yyyy HH-MM'));