Microsoft Products

Microsoft Office

There are two ways to get Microsoft Office:

1. Download via Office365

You are entitled to download and use Office for free with your Dartmouth account. You can license your copy of any Office app on up to 5 computers. However, this license will expire once your Dartmouth account is deactivated.

Go to and sign in with your Dartmouth email to start managing or downloading Office apps.  

After you've installed the software, if you're prompted to activate, use your Dartmouth email address. You should be then redirected to a Dartmouth web authentication page to complete the activation.

2. Purchase From the Dartmouth Computer Store

Another option is to buy it from the Dartmouth Computer Store. The version sold from the computer store is a personal license that does not expire.

Other Microsoft Products

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching - Developer Tools and Software for Schools and Educators

Click on this link to log onto the Azure site. (Login with your full Dartmouth email, eg., you may need to verify your account first

Available software here.

This site uses Dartmouth WebAuth for authentication - log in with your NetID and password. You can enter a search string to search for software, or browse through the available software. If you are planning to run Windows-only engineering applications on a Mac you should install Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. Once you have selected the software you would like, click on the download, you will be prompted to install a utility that will then download an ISO (a disk image), or webinstaller for the product.