Microsoft Products

Microsoft Office

There are two ways to get Microsoft Office:

1. Download From BWA

A free option (with limitations) is to download a copy from BWA by visiting, click the Gear icon in the top right corner, and under App Settings on the right, click Office 365. Once at the Office 365 settings page, click Install Status on the left, then Install Desktop Applications in the main window. You should be presented with the option to download the latest version of Office.

After you've installed the software, it will ask you to activate using your email address. Enter your Dartmouth email address, and it should redirect you to the BWA login page. Login there as you normally would, and it will license Office for use on that computer.

The limitations are that you can license up to 5 computers, though you can deactivate licenses on past computers if you run out. Additionally, this license will expire once your Dartmouth account is deactivated.

2. Purchase From the Dartmouth Computer Store

Another option is to buy it from the   Dartmouth Computer Store. The version sold from the computer store is a personal license that does not expire.

Important - Please read the Dartmouth and Microsoft Campus Agreement for restrictions-of-use and other fine print.

Other Microsoft Software (Windows, Vizio, Project, Visual Studio, etc.) on Microsoft Imagine

In order access the software you must be either a Thayer faculty member, or a student currently enrolled in a Thayer class. Others will not be able to log into the these sites.

A departmental subscription with Microsoft provides select Microsoft products to students and faculty. The tools and technologies provided through the subscription may be used exclusively for academic instruction, academic projects, and non-commercial research only. Redistribution of downloaded software is strictly prohibited. For usage guidelines, please visit  this link.

If you would like to use the software for other purposes than described in the Microsoft specific usage guidelines or  Dartmouth and Microsoft Campus Agreement, please visit the Dartmouth computer store. A notable exclusion in the software provided is MS Office. While there are sub-products available, the core office products, such as Word, Excel and Power Point are not available. Office is also available from the computer store.

The following Microsoft Products are available to Faculty and Students through Imagine for educational use. Windows only, no Mac versions.

  • And a few other Applications

Important - Redistribution of downloaded software is strictly prohibited. For usage guidelines, please visit this link.

Using the Imagine subscription

Click on this link to log onto the Imagine site.

This site uses Dartmouth WebAuth for authentication - log in with your NetID and password.

You can enter a search string to search for software, or browse through the available software. If you are planning to run Windows-only engineering applications on a Mac you should install Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Once you have selected the software you would like, you must add it to your cart as if you were to purchase it, but don't worry, you will not be asked for payment information. This is purely an administrative step.

When you ultimately get to the point where you can download software, you will be prompted to install a utility that will then download an ISO (a disk image) of the product. You can either mount the ISO, or burn it to disk to use the software. If you are running a non-Windows operating system and are interested in installing a copy of Windows on your machine, please note the unique registration code, and drop by MacLean M126 where the staff there will be able to lend you install media.

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