Web Publishing

There are several website publishing options available to Thayer community members. Please review the options outlined below and select an option that best meets your needs.

Basic Website

If you'd like to develop, upload, and host your own static HTML/CSS web pages you may activate a personal web page hosting account using Dartmouth's Web Accounts Management System.

Dartmouth personal websites have a web address matching this format: 

Personal Website Help Documents

WordPress Website

WordPress is a self-service web publishing platform that allows you to create and update a website quickly and easily.

Dartmouth WordPress Site websites have a web address matching this format:

Dartmouth students, faculty and staff may request a WordPress Site to build any of the following types of sites:
  • Student group and organization sites
  • Conference sites
  • Faculty labs and research group sites
  • Administrative initiative sites

To learn more about Dartmouth WordPress Sites please visit: https://sites.dartmouth.edu

Faculty interested in creating a course website, or students looking to create an ePortfolio, should use Dartmouth Journeys, which is a separate WordPress platform dedicated to teaching and learning.

Dartmouth WordPress Journey websites have a web address matching this format:

To learn more about Dartmouth WordPress Journeys please visit: https://sites.dartmouth.edu

Google G-Suite Website

Google Sites is an easy to use self-service website publishing platform that allows anyone with a Dartmouth NetID the ability to instantly create and easily update a public or private website.

This option offers integration with many of the the Google G-Suite tools, making collaboration and complex permissions management possible.

Dartmouth Google Site websites have a web address matching this format:

To learn more about Google G-Suite Sites please visit: https://gsuite.google.com/products/sites/

Custom Website

For more advanced website consultation, troubleshooting, design, development, and hosting needs, please contact: webmaster@thayer.dartmouth.edu

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