Phones at Thayer School

Dartmouth uses the Cisco Voice Over IP (VoIP) system for phone service. All on-campus, local, and domestic long-distance calls are free. International calls are charged to the Faculty/Staff department; students must purchase a calling card for international calls.

Initial Voicemail PIN


College Extension

Dial 6-xxxx



Domestic direct-dialed call

8 + 1 + area code + telephone number

Local New Hampshire exchanges

8 + 7 digits

Local Vermont exchanges

8 + 1 + 802 + 7 digits

Toll-free numbers

8 + 1 + toll-free number

Calling card calls

8 + 1 + carrier access code — follow prompts

Prepaid calling cards

8 + 1 + access code — follow prompts

Instructions for using features such as hold, transfer, and conference calling, can be found on this page.

Each desktop VoIP phone has an Ethernet jack on it that you can use for a computer or printer. The phones in MacLean support gigabit Ethernet.

Voice Mail

Full instructions for using the voice mail system are found here.

To access voice mail from off campus, dial (603) 646-1000, hit the asterisk [ *] button after the system answers, enter your 5 digit extension for your "ID", and proceed as if you were on campus using the "messages" button on your VoIP phone.

Call Manager Accounts

To configure additional features on your phones such as message lamp behavior for a second line or speed dial numbers, you need a Cisco Call Manager account. To get one send a request to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Department
  • State that you need VoIP web access

They will provision the system to allow you to log in with your NetID username and Dartmouth password.  If you have multiple phones, make sure you select the one you wish to modify before clicking on one of the actions.  The URL for the Call Manager is

Multiple Lines on One Phone

You can get multiple lines to ring on your VoIP phone. Any given line can ring on multiple phones. To request that a line ring on your phone, send a request to .

Message Waiting Indicator

Sometimes, the message waiting indicator may not turn off even though you have deleted all your mesages. Dialing 72099 may reset it for you.

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