Sponsored Accounts

Most students, faculty, and staff automatically get accounts that allow E-mail and Thayer computing resources access, but for others Thayer School can sponsor accounts. There are many possible reasons for sponsoring an account. If you are unsure about whether your situation warrants a sponsored account, send email to computing@thayer.dartmouth.edu.

Individual Accounts

People who are not students, faculty, or staff on Dartmouth's payroll but need email and/or Thayer School computing resources access can get sponsored accounts. To request a sponsored account, email computing@thayer.dartmouth.edu with the following information:

  • Full name (including middle initial if there is one) of the person to receive an account
  • Reason for the account
  • Duration of the account:
    • For most people, this cannot exceed 12 months but can be renewed when expiring
    • For appointed staff, it can extend to the end of the appointment (send a copy of the appointment letter to Mark Franklin)

Organization Accounts

Student organizations, departments, and other college-recognized organizations can get sponsored email accounts. People affiliated with Thayer School wishing to get such an account can email computing@thayer.dartmouth.edu with the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Purpose of the account
  • Person responsible for the account
  • Duration of the account (maximum 12 months, renewable when expiring)

Renewing Accounts

Owners of sponsored accounts will receive notification (via email to the account) when they are expiring. They will have a 30 day period in which to renew or discontinue use of the account. To renew an account, send email to computing@thayer.dartmouth.edu with the appropriate information as specified above depending on the type of account.