Tablet Monitor

General Information

Thayer has several Wacom Cintiq tablet monitors for use in the classroom.  The Tablet connects to your computer and displays your desktop (or PowerPoint, PDF etc) and also allows you to write on the screen with a Stylus in conjunction with software such as Ink2Go or PowerPoint.  To use one of these Tablet Monitors you will need the following.

The tablet monitor connects to your computer via DVI (an adapter can be used to convert to MiniDisplayport etc).  Make sure that the display setting is optimized for the Tablet monitor. (On Mac, System Preferences, Displays).  There is also a USB cable that needs to be connected to your computer for the Stylus to work.

Using a Tablet Monitor with a projector

  • Connect one of the room AV cables (Mini DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA) to a Video port on your computer.  This should automatically start the AV system.
  • Connect the Tablet Monitor DVI cable to a second Video port on your computer.
  • Connect the Tablet Monitor USB cable to your computer.
  • Power on the Tablet Monitor:  Power button at the top, center on the back of the monitor.  Light should come on in upper left corner.
  • Verify that the AV TouchPanel is selected to the room AV cable connected to your computer.
  • For a windows computer, you may need to extend the display onto all 3 displays (Projector, Tablet Monitor and Laptop Screen)
    • Right click on Desktop and choose "Graphics Options"
    • Choose "Output To" and then "Clone Displays 3"

Helpful Pictures:

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