Teaching and Learning With Technology

In his inaugural speech on September 20, 2013, President Hanlon urged:

"Today, we must once again embrace the promise of new learning technologies, in part to reach a worldwide audience but more importantly, to enhance the teaching and learning taking place right here on this campus. ... The challenge I issue to my fellow faculty—among the finest educators and scholars in the world—is to embrace the timeless aspects of our disciplines and fields of study, while also seeking to reinvigorate them, by infusing experiential, technologically advanced methods into the learning experience."

Thayer School Computing Services welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with our faculty to implement this vision.  We have many new technologies in production that can help empower new modes of teaching and learning in Thayer School classes.  Flipped classrooms, in-class survey lectures, many-way video conferences with screen sharing, online assessment, online assignment submission, online grading, random data for calculated quiz questions, screen casts, pen casts, recorded lectures, collaborative document editing, online discussions, wikis,  course folders, and cloud storage are all in use at Thayer School.  Specific tools to support these include:

  • Canvas - Learning Management System (LMS): framework for access to other tools, document distribution, grading, online assessment, assignment submission, discussions
  • Kite - our own Google Apps instance.  Used for delivery of recorded lectures, cloud storage for collaboration, online simultaneous editing of documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations, 15-way video conferences with screen sharing
  • Lecture capture - automatically record audio with whiteboard/chalkboard and/or projector image, and/or video of the presenter
  • Techsmith Relay - create screencasts
  • LiveScribe - create pen casts
  • Live Class Survey - present slides and pose questions vi student's web browsers on whatever device they have in classs
  • ThayerFS course folders

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