Templates for Websites

Thayer provides 9 templates that you can use to create your website. These templates were designed for research group sites, but they can also be configured to be used for faculty websites, course sites, or other sites. The 9 templates can be found on the Template Instructions site. This site also provides instructions on how to edit your site if you use Contribute as your editing tool, and several images that you can include in your site if you wish.

Thayer also provides a web editing program (Adobe Contribute), which allows you to quickly and easily edit the content on your site once you have the site in place.

For more information on the templates and Contribute and how to use them to create and manage your website, please contact Ethan Darling.

Configuring a Template

  1. Create a webspace to store the new site.
  2. Copy all of the files for the selected template to the new site location.

Configuring Contribute to work with a Template

  1. Configure Contribute for "Dreamweaver-style editing" instead of "word processor" editing. Spacing is set on <p> tags in the CSS stylesheets. Working in "word processing" mode will ignore these, where as switching to the "Dreamweaver-style" right from the start will eliminate any inconsistencies.
    First, set up the website connection in Contribute. Then go to "Administer Websites" (which is in the Contribute menu in Mac OSX) and select the site. Contribute will ask which style of editing you want to use - select the Dreamweaver-style option.
  2. Configure Contribute so that the blank template file is available as a new page.
    • Contribute->Administer Websites->(choose site)
    • Select user or role. Click Edit Role Settings...
    • Select New Pages in the left column.
    • Check Create a new page by copying a page from this list
    • Click Add...
    • Navigate to the Templates folder for the site, and select blank_page.html. Click OK.
    • Click OK in Edit "..." Settings panel.
    • Click Close in Administer Website panel.

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