Thayer Shares

Thayer provides five "shares." Shares are connection points for Thayer community members to use to store and access files on both ThayerFS and Jumbo. The files are accessible from any network connected computer. Many users won't use all the shares.

The shares are:

For information on how to connect to a share jump to Thayer Shares Connecting

Home: Your personal ThayerFS folder

Every Thayer user is provisioned personal space on ThayerFS in the home share. This name of this directory is the same as your NetID (e.g. d01234x).

Use this space for storing personal data. No other user will be able to access this data, and you will not be able to share or provide direct network access to this folder for other users.

We archive personal folder contents shortly after individuals leave Thayer School.


This share contains folders for each course offering. Upon faculty request, Computing Services can create special sub-folders with various combinations of read and write access for students, TA's, and faculty. Common uses for these folders include:

  • Course materials (read/write for faculty and perhaps TAs, read-only to enrolled students) - Instructors and TAs can put data, slides, handouts, assignments, etc. in this folder for students to retrieve whenever and as often as they like.
  • Web (read/write for faculty) - Web pages for the course appear in the Thayer School web (for example
  • Collaboration/work space (read/write to everyone associated with the course) - This space enables collaboration and sharing among groups of students or the entire class. Students or groups can create sub-folders or files in this folder for group projects, storage for class work that requires large amounts of data, coordination among each other, etc.

To arrange to have course folder set up, contact us and let us know if you need any subfolders with specific permissions.

If students need access to a course folder to complete an assignment, we strongly recommend they make sure they know how to access what they need well beforehand. There is some setup required on their personal computers to access ThayerFS, and they need to be added to the Canvas course to gain access. It will be much better for a student with an assignment due Monday morning to find out Thursday afternoon rather than late Sunday that they need assistance with a course folder.

Students having trouble with course folders should contact Computing Services directly ( or visit us in MacLean M126).

Course folder organization

Our course folder organization includes a top level folder for each term. Each term folder contains individual course folders. This organization allows course data and URLs from prior terms to remain available while reducing clutter on the Courses share.

For example, when you view the ThayerFS Courses share, the folders look something like this:

In the example above, the course ENGS 126 is taught in the Fall 2006 term and again in the Spring 2007 term, so it appears in both. Our new folder organization allows the old course web site and files to remain in place. Even if the new course has an entirely new web site or faculty member, the course data for the Fall 2006 will remain available.

The course URL for the Fall 2006 course is:

And the course URL for Spring 2007 is:

If you repeatedly teach the same course and wish to reuse old course web pages each term, we can arrange to copy the data over for you.

We plan to keep the web and course materials data online for the foreseeable future, but may remove student data in course folders after a year.


This contains folders/directories for research groups.

Upon request, we can create a "web" folder in a research directory for hosting web pages. Research websites are typically available at a URL such as:

When requesting a research web folder, please include your preferred web site URL. 

Website templates are available to help you create your research group site. See Templates for Websites for more details.


This share contains folders for departments and other groups.


This share contains folders for research groups and other bulk data. When you connect to this share, you will only see the folder(s) to which you have access.

Additional information

  • On Windows, shares appear as Network Drives. On OS X, they have an icon that looks like a hard drive. On Linux, ThayerFS shares are in the /thayerfs directory, and all Jumbo folders are shown in the /jumbo directory.
  • For information on connecting to ThayerFS and/or Jumbo see the ThayerFS Connecting page.

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