Web Forms

Thayer School has purchased a license for Machform which allows the creation of web forms and is somewhat similar to SurveyMonkey.  Forms can be designed to register participants for conferences, conduct surveys, etc.  When a form is constructed, a short piece of code is created which can then be embedded in a web page to display the form.  When users fill out the form and submit it, the data is stored on the server in a mysql database.  The data can be then be viewed or exported to an excel spreadsheet or to comma/tab delimited files by any authorized user.

You can log into Machform using your netID/Password at the following URL


Examples of forms can be seen at:


Documentation on how to create forms is available at:


The “Form Manager” and “Form Builder” chapters are the best place to start:



Features that may be of interest.

  • Fields can be required to have input before submitting the form is allowed
  • Forms can be password protected so that only people you give the password to can fill out and submit the form.
  • Forms can be set to be accessible only between certain dates.
  • Users can be required to look at a review page of their input prior to submitting their form.

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