Windows Printing

You need to be at Thayer and connected to the wired network or to the wireless network eduroam to be able to print from a Windows device. Once on our secure network, follow the instructions below.

Add a printer

Click on the Windows Start button and type \\
If you have trouble adding printers using \\, try the following alternatives:

  • \\
  • \\
  • \\

Hit Enter or click on the arrow to "Run command".

A File Explorer window should open with a list of available printers. Double click on each printer you want to install. Printer names are based on location -- printers starting with "c" are in Cummings; printers starting with "m" are in MacLean. If you are unsure, each printer is physically labeled.

You may need to wait up to a minute for the printer drivers to download and install.

Remove a printer

Open the Windows Settings app by clicking on the gear icon on the left side of the Start menu

Go to Devices, then Printers & Scanners. In the Printers & Scanners list, find the printer you wish to remove. Then click on its name and you should be presented with a Remove Device button.


If you are prompted to enter credentials when you connect to, you may be connected to eduroam with non-Dartmouth credentials. You may provide Dartmouth netID and password to get through to the thayerprint server, but if possible, we recommend that you connect to eduroam with your Dartmouth credentials so that you can access other Thayer resources.

If you need help signing into eduroam with a different account, feel free to visit us in MacLean 126, or email us at