Linux Printing

These instructions are for Ubuntu 14.04.

Blank Page problem: if printing from Linux makes blank pages come out of the printer, make sure when you have the print dialog to select page size "8 1/2x11" rather than "Letter" or "US Letter". This is an issue with the Konica printer not understanding this as a standard

You need to be connected to the "Thayer Secure" wireless network or to the wired network for printing on Linux to work.

Bring up the print dialog for the program you want to print from.

Select the printer you want to print to, printers are named based on the room they are located in. For example m227 for MacLean 227. Color printers have 2 queues based on whether you want to print color or black and white. A bug currently removes the last character of the queue name in linux, "-b" is for BW or Black & White, "-colo" for color.Click "Print" and that's it!

Printing from the command line because Linux

lpr -P printername filename

A listing of the the available printers can be found using the following command:

lpstat -p

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