Add Scanning Contacts to MFDs

Please contact us to add scan contacts. The instructions below are only for those who have the appropriate access for adding contacts to the scanners. If you would like the ability to add contacts to a scanner, please let us know.

This article pertains to configuring the Konica Minolta user interface, in particular, adding a contact to the address book. 

  1. If you don't have the PageScope Utility installed or you don't use Windows, use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to
  2. Start up the Konica Minolta software called: PageScope Data Administrator
  3. Click the Settings for multiple device tab and then click the Address Book maintenance and select the desired printer from the Device List by clicking on the device(e.g. m014-printer) and clicking Select. Then click Next
  4. The next window simply display the status of the data import, click Next when the import is finished. 
  5. The next window is for editing the current contents of the address list. Contacts can be added in the next window, so click Next.
  6. Click Add to add a new contact
  7. Enter information pertaining to the contact, an example is below. ClickOKwhen you are finished: 
    1. Abbreviated name: Firstname Lastname
    2. Sort Character: First letter of Lastname
    3. Search character: select letter group that corresponds to the person's last name
    4. Check the "Main" check box: allows contact to show up on main screen
    5. E-Mail Address: The user's email address
  8. This window simply shows what changes are going to be made to the address book. If the content looks fine, then click Next.
  9. This window provides an overview of the data that you are importing to the printer. If the content looks fine, then click Start.
  10. Once the import completes successfully, then you will see the following screen. Click Finished.

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