Enabling Wired Authentication on Windows

  • Download this file, right click it, and select "Run as Administrator". 
  • Go to the Start Menu (Windows 7, 10) or Tile Screen (Windows 8, 8.1) and type "view network connections" and hit enter.
  • Right click on your wired connection (typically called "Local Area Connection") and click "Properties".
  • Click the "Authentication" tab.
  • Make sure all boxes are checked on this screen, and that the drop down says "Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)", then click "Settings" next to the dropdown where PEAP is selected.
  • Make sure "Selected Authentication Method" is "Secured password", and then click the "Configure" button next to that.
  • Uncheck "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)."
  • Click OK to any open windows, and plug in the ethernet cord (or remove and plug it back in, if it was already connected).
  • Plug in a network cable and you should be prompted for your logon and password.
    • Note: You may receive a warning that the connection failed, in which case, open a web browser and walk through the steps in the captive portal to register your computer with the Dartmouth network

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