Lecture Capture

Thayer classrooms and some conference rooms are equipped with automated recording equipment.  The recording appliance can be configured to record from a built-in camera, and whatever you are sending to the projector.

We have designed the system to be extremely easy to use.  

  • Contact us to schedule a recording
    • Enter the room, clip on a microphone, and the rest happens automatically.  
  • Alternatively, you can initiate the recording yourself using the room's Audio Visual control tablet

The recording can be directly published into your Canvas course for viewing by enrolled students.

Please get in touch for further information.

Rooms with Lecture Capture

  • Maclean B01
  • MacLean 132
  • MacLean 201
  • MacLean 210
  • Jackson
  • Spanos
  • Cummings 102
  • Cummings 105
  • Cummings 118
  • Cummings 200
  • Cummings 202
  • Murdough 335 (MEM)

Self service steps

Don't forget to grab a microphone

Shortly after you stop the recording (10 to 20 minutes), you will receive an email with a link to your video:

You may decide to share it with individuals or class groups: