Add MFDs to Konica Minolta software

The administrative software we use for Konica Minolta printers is called "PageScope Data Administrator". You will need to add a Konica Minolta printer to the software when customizing the touch screen of the printer. Here is how you add a printer to PageScope Data Administrator:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop, connect to Log in using your mortal account. 
  2. Start up the Konica Minolta software called: PageScope Data Administrator
  3. Select Registration of Device
  4. In the Registration of Device window which pops up, click Add
  5. In the Add Device window which pops up, enter the Device Address. This will be the device hostname (e.g. m014-printer). When finished, click OK
  6. In the Edit Device window which pops up, check the Save the administrator password box and enter the administrator password for Konica Minolta devices. When finished, click OK. 

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