AV Touch Panels

All rooms are equipped with simple touch panels to control the AV system. The touch panel buttons are:

  • Power -  Red if system is off.  Green if system is on.  If the system is warming up or cooling down, a progress bar will be displayed
  • Pause Display - Pressing this button toggles whether the projector displays to the screen or not.
  • Inputs 1, 2, 3, Wireless - These buttons determine which cable (or the Solstice Pod in the case of Wireless) is used for the input to the system.
  • Program Volume - Volume for the computer sound; eg. if you are playing a video clip
  • Microphone Volume - Volume of the lapel mic to the room speakers. (if the room has this capability)
  • Recording and Camera Controls - for controlling ad-hoc video recordings

When you plug one of the 3 cables (see picture below) into your computer, the system automatically turns on, selects the proper input on the button panel and lowers the screen.  If you then unplug the original cable and plug in a different one (i.e switching between HDMI and VGA), you will need to manually select the proper input on the touch panel.

When you are finished using the system please push the power button to shut the system down.  It will automatically turn off after an hour but it is best to turn the projector off when not in use.

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