Screen Saver Lock and "Stay Awake" Utility

To ensure that computers are secure if left unattended, we are implementing mandatory 15 minute screensaver lock for non-lab computers.

Most applications used for presentations, like PowerPoint as well as video and other multimedia apps, will prevent the screen from locking when in presentation or full screen mode. However, there may be times when you are presenting and aren't using an app that keeps the computer awake. In these instances, you can use Stay Awake, which will keep your computer from locking for 2 hours.

For more information on the official DISC Policy, please  click here.

Stay Awake App

The "Stay Awake" app is available for both Windows and Mac and will allow 2 hours of idle time before reverting to the regular 15 minute time out.

Please only use this if and when it's necessary. We understand it may be a nuisance that your screen locks every 15 minutes, but there are very good reasons to have a screen lock enabled. If you have a good reason to be exempt from this policy, please email us or stop by.

Stay Awake for Mac

Stay Awake is available from the Managed Software Center.  Click here to go to the installation page. If that doesn't work, go to the Applications folder, launch the Managed Software Center, find the Stay Awake app in the list, and click install. You will now find it in your Applications folder. 

Stay Awake for Windows

This should be installed on all Thayer machines by default. Click the Start menu and type "Stay Awake", and then hit enter. If not currently installed, Stay Awake is available from the Software Center.

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