We use Bitlocker to encrypt all Thayer's Microsoft computers. TSCS will turn on Bitlocker for you during our normal computer setup process, but in the event that your setup goes a little differently, or if you just want to enable Bitlocker on your personal machine, here are instructions to do so:

1. Open Manage BitLocker

In your Start menu, type "bitlocker" into the "Search programs and files" bar, then click on Manage BitLocker. A Control Panel window will open up

2. Click Turn on BitLocker

BitLocker should then check your computer configuration, which can take a few minutes.

3. Walk through the BitLocker Drive Encryption setup

a) Click "Next" to Prepare your drive for BitLocker. You will see a warning about backing up critical files -- this is normal, and recommended. Click "Next" to start the drive preparation. When the preparation is complete, BitLocker will prompt you to Restart your computer. Make sure you save any open work.

b) Click "Next" to Encrypt the drive after your computer restarts

IMPORTANT!! Click "Require a PIN at every startup"! 

If this option it is not highlighted i.e. if one of the other two options is highlighted instead, DO NOT PROCEED -- contact TSCS at or in MacLean 126

4. Set your PIN to your NetID password

5. Start Encrypting!

You do not have to run the BitLocker system check but it is recommended. When you click to start encryption you will be prompted one last time to restart the computer.

When it restarts BitLocker will ask for the PIN that you just set. This will happen every time you start up your computer from now on. Encryption will run in the background but you can keep working as usual.

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