Managing Multiple Google Accounts

If you would like to use both a personal Google account and your Kite account on the same computer, you have a couple options for switching between them. This is useful if for instance you want to access a document shared with you by another Kite user (which requires you to be logged in with your address) but you have been logged into your personal account. 

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Add Account (any browser)

Google supports switching between multiple accounts in one web browser. This should work in any browser, with a one-time setup. You can add more than one extra account this way.

From a Drive window, click your profile icon in the the top right corner (it may appear as a circle with your initial, or as a profile photo if you've added one). 

A popup window should appear. Click the Add account button in the bottom left of this window.

You'll be taken to a Google login page to enter credentials for the new account. If you are adding your Kite Drive account, enter your full email address on this Account sign in page.

A new Drive tab should open up, logged into to your second profile. Now any time you click on your profile icon you should see a choice to switch to your other account.

Create new Chrome profile

If you are using the Chrome web browser, you can also set up multiple Chrome profiles. This will allow you not only to access multiple Drive accounts, but to use your bookmarks and browser plugins from your other Chrome accounts.

To set this up, see  Google's documentation ›

Opening a Kite Drive link when you are signed in with a non-Kite account

If someone shares a Kite Drive file with you, more likely than not you will need to be logged into Google with your address to view it. But sometimes you're not and you click on the link to open the file/doc anyway. If this happens you should see a pop-up that says "You need permission". 

1) You'll need to click the Switch accounts button and jump through a couple pages to get logged in with your Dartmouth Kite account.

2) Next you'll get a page listing Google accounts associated with you. If you don't see your Kite account, click the Sign in to another account button

3) You'll get a page prompting you for an email address, where you should enter your full address. 

4) After you go through Dartmouth's Web Authentication, you'll finally come back to a page that allows you to select your Kite account. Select that account and click Continue to be redirected to the shared file in your Kite Drive.