Using Apple Mail for Dartmouth email

Note: As of July 24, 2019 this will only work on Mojave (OS 10.14) or later

If you are a Mac owner, you can use the Mail app to read and organize your Dartmouth emails. 

To add and sync your Dartmouth account, go to the Mail menu and click Add account... A pop up will ask you to select your account provider, and you should select Exchange:

In the Name field, enter your name as you would like it displayed. In the Email address and Password fields, enter your Dartmouth email address and password. When you click Sign In you will get an "Unable to verify account name or password" error but this is normal.

A new User Name field will appear, and here you should enter your NetID followed by

If your mail does not appear immediately, go to Mailbox > Synchronize "Exchange". It should begin to load but will take some time to pull all of your mail from the server. 

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