Adding an RDS App

This process describes how to enable Microsoft RDS access for Windows and Mac users to access remote applications like Unity and other Remote Apps provided by Dartmouth.

Step-by-step guide - Mac

  1. First you will need Microsoft RDS from the Mac App Store. Open the Mac App Store and search for RDS, you will want the latest version

  2. Open up your applications folder on your Mac and open the Microsoft RDS app. Once open add a feed not a desktop. You will then need to give it this URL
  3. Once the URL is entered click Find Feed. Once it is found add a user to be remembered. Type in your username as follows and password, as well as a description if you have multiple feeds. IMPORTANT: your user name is your

  4. Select the user or type in your user manually and click next
  5. Once you click next your list of applications should appear in a new Window:

Choose any one of your apps listed and it will start up!

Step-by-step guide - Windows

  1. On Windows open up your Start Menu and type in remoteapp all one word no capitals. You will be presented with a few options. Choose the one that says Access RemoteApps and Desktops.You will then get the following window:

  2. Click on Access RemoteApp and Desktop and desktops. The following window will open asking for the RDS feed URL, which is as follows:
  3. Click next and it will prompt for your NetID and password. Please click the check box that says "remember me"
  4. Click Next until you see the resource screen

  5.  Lastly click on View Resources to view all the remote applications you have access to. You can copy these to your desktop for quick access.

You are done!