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Panopto is a service for creating and hosting videos.  The videos may come from Zoom recordings, classroom lecture capture, screen capture, or other video creation tools.  Videos can be shared publicly, with an entire class, or specific people within Dartmouth.  Panopto includes a web based video editor for trimming videos.

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Editing Video

Panopto makes it easy to trim and edit unwanted portions out of a video. Follow the below instructions for editing videos.

Overview - How to Edit a Video

How to Trim a Video in the Editor

How to Change the Preview Image of a Video

Uploading Video

If you already have a video file that you'd like to make available to others, you can follow these Panopto instructions for uploading files.

Moving and Copying Videos in Panopto

Videos within Panopto can be copied or moved by following these instructions:

How to Copy and Move Sessions

How to Batch Copy and Move Videos


Panopto supports recording video from your webcam and computer screen (screencasting). A desktop application is available for Windows and macOS, or you can use the new web based "Capture" recorder that doesn't require any software installation.

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture

How to Record with Panopto for Mac

How to Record with Panopto for Windows

Sharing and Publishing Videos

You can share individual videos or folders with other Dartmouth users in Panopto:

Share a Video

Share a Folder

With default Panopto folder settings, when you upload or edit a video it is immediately available to people you've shared the folder with. However, you can change the Availability Settings on a folder or video ("session") to give you control over when videos are published. 

When folder Availability is set to "never (unless set on the session)", videos in that folder will have a "Publish" button.

Publishing Course Videos in Canvas

Computing has created a Panopto video folder for each course, which is shared with students in the class and accessible to students via Canvas (in the "Panopto Videos" page). Classroom and Zoom lecture recordings are automatically uploaded to this folder and left unpublished. You can also manually add videos to this folder to share them with a class. 

To publish a video (make it accessible to students), first navigate to the Panopto course folder, either at, or by going to the Canvas course and clicking the "Panopto Videos" link in the left column.

In the list of videos, those that are unpublished will say "Not available to viewers".  

Hover over the video you want to publish and a series of action buttons will appear.  Click the "Publish" button and the video will be made accessible to the enrolled students.

How to Publish Videos Using the Availability Workflow

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