Connecting to the Virtual Computer Lab via Client

If you want to use a web browser to connect the the Virtual Lab, please go here

Connecting on MacOS

Download and install "Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store 

Start Microsoft Remote Desktop and click on the "Workspaces" tab and then "Add Workspace"

In the box for "Email or Workspace URL", put the following URL and then click Add

For the "Account", use ""

You should now see a "Virtual Lab" icon

If you do not want the session to start in full screen

  • Right click on the "Virtual Lab" icon and choose "Edit"
  • check the box that says "Use custom settings" 
  • Uncheck the boxes that say "Use all monitors" and "Start session in full screen"
  • Click "Save" 

To use the Virtual Lab, double-click the icon and log in.

Connecting using Windows 10

Go to Microsoft's Support Page to download the WVD Client.  Most users will select the 64Bit package - click the link to download client.

Once you have this downloaded, install the Remote Desktop...msi package
If this is a private computer, not shared with anyone else, Select "Install just for you"

Select Subscribe and choose your net ID or select Subscribe with URL and enter.

Double click Thayer School virtual lab to start session. This will launch Remote Desktop and sign you in automatically with your Net ID credentials.

Change Display Settings:
To change display settings from Full Screen to Windowed - Click on the Windowed icon

Right Click on the Window banner and select "Display settings" > "Fit session to window"

To disconnect from Session: 
Right-Click on Start menu > "Shut down or sign out" > "Sign out"