Blitz - Dartmouth email, calendar, and more

Dartmouth's email and collaboration system is known as  Blitz. Blitz is the next generation of Blitzmail, Dartmouth's homegrown legacy email system.


Most faculty, staff, and students will automatically have a Dartmouth account created when you start at Dartmouth. If you don't receive an account and need one, please send a request via our contact form.

Sponsored Accounts

See  Sponsored Accounts to find out how to get/extend email accounts for non-Dartmouth community members and for organizations.


All Dartmouth users are assigned a  NetID. The NetID is a 7-character string that will become the primary username you will use to log on to most Dartmouth and Thayer School systems.

Your NetID is found on your Dartmouth ID card. For almost all users who joined Dartmouth prior to Spring 2011, NetID will be the letter "d" followed by same string of 6 characters that is printed on your Dartmouth ID card. If your Dartmouth ID already begins with a letter and not a number, which will be true if you joined Dartmouth after Spring 2011, then your NetID will be exactly the same as your Dartmouth ID.

For Archi Dux, longtime employee above, his NetID is d23171s.

If you do not have a Dartmouth ID card you can look up your NetID here.

Claiming your NetID

New and newly-migrated Dartmouth accounts must first complete the process known as claiming your NetID before being able to use their account.

To claim your NetID:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your NetID, last name, and date of birth. Click Submit.
    1. If you are migrating from the old Blitzmail system you may be presented with a WebAuth page asking for authentication. If so, enter your NetID and current password.
  3. Set a new, strong password for your account. Click Submit.
  4. Select and provide answers to four security questions. These will be used to verify your identity if you should ever forget your password and need to have it reset. You may also be asked one or more security questions if Dartmouth suspects that there has been unauthorized access to your account.
  5. That's all!

Using Blitz

Blitz provides email, calendaring, contacts, and task management. There are additional features promised for the future, including Instant Messaging, document collaboration, and more.

You can access Blitz from any internet-connected computer with a web browser through  Blitz Web Access or BWA at

BWA provides full functionality to all features of Blitz, and for many people is the easiest method to use.

Microsoft Outlook is the recommended program for using Blitz on a desktop or notebook computer. Though Apple Mail and other email clients can be configured to access Blitz, we have found that Outlook has been the most reliable application for long-term use.

AndroidiPhoneiPad, and other mobile devices can be configured to access Blitz, as well.

For instructions and further documentation on setting up Blitz on your device or computer please see

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