Thayer School uses email services provided by Dartmouth's IT&C central computing services team.  

Dartmouth now offers two email services, Microsoft O365 ( and GMail in Dartmouth's Google instance (  By default, new accounts are currently set to use O365 email.  Thayer students and undergraduates also have gmail enabled and can start using gmail following the instructions here.  Dartmouth still uses O365 for all shared calendaring, so we strongly recommend that Thayer Students following the instructions here too so they can use O365 for calendaring with their labs and other staff.

If you use gmail, we recommend using the gmail web client and the gmail app on your phone.

If you are Thayer staff and want to use Dartmouth gmail but are not provisioned to have a Dartmouth gmail inbox, please contact us.  IT&C is (over time) handling provisioning undergraduate students to have Dartmouth gmail, and all Thayer graduate students should already have Dartmouth gmail.

If you use O365, we have instructions to help you set up O365 email on your phone for  iOS and Android devices.  If you want to use O365 with a mail client application like Outlook, we can help you out, but if you like DIY, there are instructions here:  Dartmouth Email Service Overview

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