Desktop Support

Thayer Computing Services should be your first stop for all desktop computing needs at Thayer School.

We support the use of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based computers.

Student-owned Computers

We endeavor to help with any problems you may be experiencing on your own computer, regardless of the system. However, for compatibility with Thayer and Dartmouth systems we strongly recommend following the minimum specs for Supported Hardware and Software at Dartmouth.

We are available to assist in configuring your computer to access Thayer systems and resources. In addition, we will assist in troubleshooting any problems or questions you may have regarding your computer. We can help solve many problems ourselves, and if we are unable to assist we can refer you to other appropriate resources.

We have install media for many engineering applications licensed for Thayer use, and can assist getting them configured for use.

We also maintain a pool of Mac and PC laptop computers for short-term loan. Engineering students can borrow a laptop for up to a week, staff for up to two weeks, and faculty for up to a month.

We are happy to help troubleshoot hardware problems, though we lack the resources for most hardware repair. For repair of personally owned computers, contact Computer Sales and Service.

Due to time and resource constraints, we reserve the right to limit the amount of time we spend troubleshooting non-Thayer owned systems. For more in-depth services, such as reinstalling operating systems, disinfecting of viruses and other mal-ware, or other time-intensive work we may refer you to other appropriate resources.

Computers Owned by Thayer School

Thayer Computing Services cordinates the purchase and repair of all computers owned by Thayer School. These include faculty and staff desktops and laptops, public, academic, and research lab computers, and computers purchased for specific research and equipment needs.

Computer Warranty and Repair:
All computers purchased with Thayer School funds are covered under a 3 year on site warranty and should be brought to 126 MacLean for repair. You should not attempt to do the repairs yourself for this will void the warranty.

We offer a three tiers of support for client computers, from Full Control to Minimal Involvement. For more details, please read our Client Computer Administration Policy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend support to faculty and staff computers not owned and purchased through Thayer School.

Contact Computing Support

For the quickest response for computing support requests please email

The Computing Support office is located at MacLean 126. Our walk-in hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 12pm & 1pm - 4:30pm.

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