Installing an OS on a VM

Installing Windows on a VM

These directions will be for VirtualBox, but something similar should work for Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

  1. Install Virtual Box
  2. Download OS (ISO or DVD)
    1. Order and download Microsoft Windows (Make note of  Product Key)
    2. Ubuntu download
  3. Start Virtual Box
    1. Click on "New"
    2. Name VM ("VvrrrM", "MyVMforENGS","WinOnMac" .... )
    3. Select Operating System ("Microsoft"), and Version ("Windows XP", or what you downloaded in step 2)
    4. Set Base Memory Size
      • At least 5*"recommended base memory size"
      • Depends on programs you will run
      • Slide the memory slider halfway across the green bar
    5. Select "Create a new hard disk"
    6. Choose a Virtual Disk type
    7. Choose a Disk Size
      • Depends greatly on what programs you will be using
      • Depends greatly on what operating system you will be using (Windows XP ~10gb)
    8. Click "Settings", "Storage" tab
      1. Select "Empty", and Click "On" CD Icon and Select "Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file..."
      2. Select the .ISO file downloaded in step 2
      3. Click on "Start"