Software for Faculty, Staff and Student Computers

This page contains information on the software available from Thayer School for installation on both Thayer school purchased and personally purchased computers.

Thayer Owned Computers

For Thayer owned computers, work related software should be downloaded through either of the following applications(installed on every Thayer owned and Computing supported machine):

  • Dartmouth Software Center on Mac
  • Software Center on Windows

If there is software you need to have installed which is not in either software center, then please email us at and we will be happy to help you install it. 

Please let us know of the work related software you install that is not listed in a software center, this is so we can continue to provide the top notch support we strive for. The more aware Computing Services is of the software being used, the better prepared we can be in case your software or computer fails.

Software offerings for both Thayer owned and personal Computers

If you have any queries for software not listed, please email Thayer School Computing Services.