Policy update: As of Spring 2022, printing at Thayer will no longer be open to the whole campus. Only Thayer grad students, faculty, and staff, or any student who has taken a Thayer course will be able to use our free printing.

Thayer School operates a number of networked printers throughout the facility, some publicly available, others not.

Thayer School printers are not available through GreenPrint.

We ask that you do not print large jobs on the regular printers. If you need to print more than 50 pages please use the Copy Center in Cummings 014.

Configuring Your Computer to Print at Thayer

As of January 2022, Thayer uses the PaperCut Print Deploy client for managing the installation of printers on personal computers.
Mac, Windows, and Linux clients can add printers to their machines by following the instructions at the link below:

Print Release Stations

There are print release stations in front of some publicly accessible printers at Thayer. The release stations help save thousands of uncollected print jobs; if you are interested in getting exact numbers please email us at

Large Format Printing

Thayer School has two large format inkjet plotters -- one in MacLean M210 and one in the Copy Center -- intended for posters, large schematics, etc.  Paper and ink for these printers are expensive, so please be careful not to waste materials.

You cannot print to a plotter directly from your own computer. Instead you must save your document to the  plotter drive on Jumbo, then use the dedicated release stations in M210 or the Copy Center.

Instructions are here:  Plotter Instructions

Konica-Minolta (KMBS) multifunction devices (MFDs)

The KMBS MFDs have more features and are less expensive to operate than our fleet of standalone printers. However, we are charged by the printed/copied page on these units. A color page (even if only a single pixel is color) costs ten times as much to print as a black and white page. We ask that you use our communal resources frugally, and only print in color when you must. In order to help you do this, we've taken two steps:

  1. When making copies, the machines default to black & white mode. In order to switch to color, you should press "Auto Select"
  2. We've created two print queues for every print: one color and when black & white. The color queues print b&w pages in b&w, and color pages in color. The b&w queues print all pages (color or not) in b&w. Please make the b&w queue the default and use the color queue only when you must.

All the KMBS machines have single-pass scanning, scanning both sides of the page in a single pass even if you're doing double-sided scanning or copying.

Printer Access and Faculty or Staff Purchased Printers

We have Thayer School-provided high-speed color copier/printers or printers conveniently located for all faculty, staff, and students. We fully support these devices and currently cover all costs of operating them. Here is what we can offer faculty or staff who wish to have an additional printer:

  • Normal support for a recommended model, but we expect you will cover purchase, consumable, and repair costs.
  • For non-recommended models, we expect you will handle your own setup and support in addition to purchase, consumable, and repair costs. We can consult about difficulties with such a printer, but will not be able to put significant time into helping solve them so we can better focus on support issues that impact a larger segment of the community.