Tanner Tools Ledit


Tanner Tools are fully-integrated solutions consisting of front end tools for schematic capture, circuit simulation, and waveform probing, and back tools for physical layout and hierarchical, foundry-compatible design rule checking (DRC) verification. http://www.tanner.com/EDA/product/

The current version, 16.2, is only licensed for educational purposes. Licensed features include L-Edit, W-Edit, S-Edit, LVS, T-Spice.


L-Edit is available under Windows in MacLean M210. It is also available on the PC Loaner Laptops.

Installation on a Personal Computer

We currently only support installing L-Edit in the Labs and on staff/faculty machines. If you have any questions please contact Mark Franklin in 116 Cummings, or Computing Support in 126 MacLean.

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