Thayer Quotas

This page details the policies for types of storage and quotas on the ThayerFS and Jumbo file servers. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us.

You can check the current quota status on any ThayerFS or Jumbo share by using our web-based quota utility.

User Directories

Individuals each receive one folder/directory for their personal use. The directory name is your NetID. Each user directory must be associated with a single real person. Categories of users are:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students (including BE students)
  • Faculty and staff

Initial quota is the same for all accounts: 5 gigabytes

We will consider requests for additional space on a case by case basis. Additional space will be granted for legitimate academic or research purposes.

Maximum user directory quotas are currently limited to:

  • Undergraduate students: 10 gigabytes
  • Graduate students (including BE students): 15 gigabytes
  • Faculty and staff: 25 gigabytes

We will consider requests for exceptions to these maximum quotas.

A user directory is accessible only to the user who owns it. Users who need to share data among multiple users should use Class, Organization, or Research directories for this.

When a user's Dartmouth account is removed, they will no longer have access to their space. Six months after a Dartmouth account is removed, the user space will also be removed.

Organization Folders

These folders hold data specific to a research group, department, project, etc. They are not owned by individuals but rather by the organizations they serve.

Organizations are granted 10 Gigabytes. They must purchase any additional space for $30 per 10 gigabytes.

Organizations must be appropriately affiliated with Thayer School and space must be used for official organization business. Space in organization folders does not expire as long as purchase space is renewed after the original three years ends.

Research Folders

These folders hold data for research projects, often in association with a specific grant. All space must be purchased in 100 gigabyte increments for $25 each. This secures the space and backups for three years. The reason for the three-year duration is that this is the expected lifetime of the server equipment, so we'll need to purchase new gear in that time frame.

We will notify users in advance of expiration. Non-renewed space will have its quota eliminated and shortly thereafter data archived and removed.

To purchase space, please send email to

Google Drive

Google Drive offers unlimited, free storage. However, this option comes with certain trade-offs.  For more information about this option, see our  File service page.

Checking Quota Usage

Via the Web

Our web-based quota-checking tool is available here.

This tool allows you to select the appropriate Thayer share and folder, and obtain the quota, current usage, and remaining space.

Via linux Command Line

A second tool is available from the command line of any Thayer linux client. Simply type:


to obtain the current quota, current usage, and remaining space of your current directory.

Or, to obtain this information for another share and top-level directory, type, for example:

tfsquota common dfr

This will display current quota, current usage, and remaining space for the engs190 directory in the courses share.

Getting Help With Quotas

If you have any questions about your quota usage or are having any trouble with these tools, please contact us.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us