EMCoS Studio

EMCoS Studio is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis software. It is installed in the Virtual Computer Lab and also available for installation on personal Windows computers.

Installing on a personal computer

EMCoS is Windows-only software, so the following applies only for Windows users (Mac and Linux users can use the Virtual Computer Lab).

  1. Connect to ThayerFS following the instructions here: Thayer Shares connecting (note that you must be connected to Dartmouth VPN)
  2. Go to the courses > software share and run the installer in the EMCoS Studio folder. You can accept the defaults for the install.
  3. From your Windows start menu, open the EMCoS License Manager
    1. Select the License Installation tab.
    2. Select the License Server radio button and fill in the following values:
      • Primary server: emcos-license.thayer.dartmouth.edu
      • Port: 2010
  4. Click Add Server.