SolidWorks Premium

The current version of SolidWorks includes SolidWorks Simulation, Composer, and Flow Simulation . "A complete 3D MCAD product design solution, providing your product design team with all the mechanical design, verification, motion simulation, data management, and communication tools that they need in one package."

Online Tutorials

  • The Help menu in Solidworks offers great "Getting Started" tutorials
  • also has excellent Solidworks tutorials. (search for Solidworks)


SolidWorks is available from our "Virtual Computer Lab", the MacLean M210 Windows lab, and Cummings G13 (aka CAD Lab). It is also available on the PC Loaner Laptops.

Using on Thayer Virtual Lab (Mac and Windows)

Install by instructions for   Virtual Computer Lab

Connect and run!


There are a number of Add-ins available, to activate an add in:

  1. start SolidWorks
  2. select "Tools->Add-Ins..."
  3. in the first column check all the add-ins you need to activate
  4. in the second check box you can specify add-ins you always want to load when SolidWorks is started

Missing Plug-In Features

If Add-ins are not behaving properly, make sure they are configured to load at startup, then restart SolidWorks.

Configuring SolidWorks Customer Portal Access

To gain access to the SolidWorks Customer Portal (which includes their excellent Knowledge Base) you will need to start at the following URL:

  1. SolidWorks Customer Portal - Here you will need to create a personal account, at the right under "Not a Member" click on "Click here to create an account"
  2. Create New Account - You will need to select "Customers" and enter the 16-digit serial number from the SolidWorks Application
    To get this serial number start SolidWorks, go to the "Help Menu - About SolidWorks". 
    The 16-digit serial number is located at the top of the window. 
    Enter Serial number (click next)
  3. Validate Account Info - It should have the Account name as "Dartmouth College" - if this is correct, go to the bottom of the window and click on "Yes, this information is accurate"
  4. Check Email Address - Here you will enter your Dartmouth e-mail address, e.g.
  5. New Contact - Fill in your first and last name and click next
  6. Profile Questions - Fill in the boxes next to the red asterisks:
    Previous CAD package - select other 
    Company Industry - Select Education 
    Click next
  7. Export Eligibility Requirements - Click "Accept Agreement"
  8. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, go to the link provided in it to validate your address and you can then log into the Customer Portal with your e-mail address and password you used when setting up the account

Installation on a Personal Computer

We support installing SolidWorks on faculty/staff/student machines. Installation requirements (

  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • 10 GB of disk space for all licensed features
  • Min. 8GB RAM
  • A certified OpenGL workstation graphics card and driver.
  • Active connection to the Dartmouth network

To install:

  1. Install from on Campus (~10 gb install from the server/USB or 16gb download before installing)
    1. Connect to thayerfs and Go to the software folder on the courses volume (P:\software)
    2. Copy the "SOLIDWORKS" folder to your machine.
    3. Run the "Setup.exe" installer in the "SOLIDWORKS".
  2. Install from Off-Campus (~8gb download)
    1. Connect to Dartmouth VPN
    2. Connect to thayerfs and Go to the software folder on the courses volume (P:\software)
    3. Copy "SolidWorks diy" (Download it yourself) to your machine.
    4. SolidWorks_Info.txt has the serial number and license server you need to run the installer.
    5. run sldim.exe in the either the "install 64-bit" (prefered) or "install 32-bit" with the info from SolidWorks_info.txt
    6. sldim.exe will download the files you need to install from
  3. One the first Setup screen
    1. Select "Individual (on this computer)"
    2. Set Serial Number = "9710 0059 8493 0502 x9n8 nj7b"
    3. Accept the license terms
    4. Click Install, then set "Port@server" =

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