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Thayer School Computing Resources

Hello from your friendly Thayer Computing Services Team (TSCS)! We’re here to provide you with resources like access to software, classroom technologies, troubleshooting help, and any other computing support you might need at Thayer.

If you need to contact TSCS, please feel free to:

Here are some essentials to get you started:


Dartmouth now offers two email services, Microsoft O365 ( and GMail in Dartmouth's Google instance (  By default, new accounts are currently set to use O365 email.  Thayer students and undergraduates also have gmail enabled and can start using gmail following the instructions here.  Dartmouth still uses O365 for all shared calendaring, so we strongly recommend that Thayer Students following the instructions here too so they can use O365 for calendaring with their labs and other staff.

If you use gmail, we recommend using the gmail web client and the gmail app on your phone.  

If you are Thayer staff and want to use Dartmouth gmail but are not provisioned to have a Dartmouth gmail inbox, please contact us.  IT&C is (over time) handling provisioning undergraduate students to have Dartmouth gmail, and all Thayer graduate students should already have Dartmouth gmail.

If you use O365, we have instructions to help you set up O365 email on your phone for  iOS and Android devices.  If you want to use O365 with a mail client application like Outlook, we can help you out, but if you like DIY, there are instructions here:  Dartmouth Email Service Overview

Knowledge Base

Great job, you're already using the Thayer Knowledge Base! This is a good place to start with any computing question.  The IT&C Knowledge Base also a great resource.

Manage your Dartmouth password

DartDM is where you can go to change your password or set up email forwarding.

Managed Software Center & Software Center

If you have a Thayer-owned computer for your personal use, we'll provide you with an easy tool for installing Thayer-licensed software, like SolidWorks or MATLAB, and commonly used open source applications, like GIMP or VLC Media Player. 

Mac users can find these packages in the Managed Software Center application, and Windows users can find them in the Software Center application. 

(Unlimited!) Cloud-based file storage

We strongly encourage you to store all of your data remotely, with the options listed below. Having important data stored locally on your computer is like putting all your eggs in one pretty fragile basket. Our cloud storage options are not only more secure, but they also mean your data is backed up. Computers fail and sometimes even get run over by trucks (this actually happened!), and when they do, you'll wish you had everything in Kite.

Thayer's Google instance (formerly known as kite) has expanded campus-wide and is now called  It provides unlimited data storage for all Thayer faculty, staff, and students. To log on, go to or just log into a Google service using your Dartmouth email address.  You can use the Google Drive File Stream app to sync folders on your local computer.

Please be aware that using your personal Google account and your Dartmouth Google account in the same browser can cause some confusion until you learn how to manage multiple Google accounts.  For more thorough documentation, visit our   Kite Drive article ›

ThayerFS and Jumbo

We also provide Thayer students and faculty with free (but limited) storage space on some of our Thayer servers. There are a number of different ways to connect to the ThayerFS or Jumbo servers, depending on what operating system you're on. See our   Thayer Shares Connecting article for instructions.

Loaned equipment

We have (aging) Lenovo and Apple laptops to loan you if you're in a pinch. We can also loan peripherals like chargers, keyboards, video cables, external DVD readers, all manner of adapters, etc.  


What software does Thayer provide for me?

Much of the software you will need for class or work will be available in the Thayer Computer Labs or accessible via our  Virtual Computer Lab.
Software in the Virtual Lab includes -- but is not limited to -- 
For a more complete list of available software see our  Software article ›

Can I access ThayerFS, Jumbo, Virtual Lab software etc. from home?

Yes, but you will need to be logged onto Thayer's Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
Click here for instructions on how to log on.

How do I connect to the VPN?

Thayer's VPN is called Big IP Edge Client. You will need to first install it and then log on with your NetID and password. Full instructions can be found  here.

Can I reserve a Thayer room for a meeting or study group?

Yes, you can use Dartmouth's Virtual EMS to reserve a room. Go to, click Log in in the top left corner of the menu bar, then new options should appear in the menu bar, including a Reservations option.

How do I use the plotters (large format printers)?

For help with the Plotters see  Plotter Instructions ›
For general printing help see  Printing at Thayer ›

How do I record a lecture? 

We have automated lecture recording in many Thayer classrooms and conference rooms. To schedule a recording contact us at For information on where lecture recording is available see our Lecture Capture article.
For help using Projectors, Document Cameras, or Tablet Monitors in class, see the  Audiovisual section of our Knowledge Base

Ack, how do I get past the Human Resources homepage to the actual Employee Self-Service tool?

The HR resources page at is full of useful information, but when someone tells you to go to Employee Self-Service, they probably mean the Oracle tool you will get to if you click Paperless Payslips & Direct Deposit

That should take you to a page that looks like this:

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