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Thayer School Computing Resources

Hello from your friendly Thayer Computing Services Team (TSCS)! We’re here to provide you with resources like access to software, classroom technologies, troubleshooting help, and any other computing support you might need at Thayer.

If you need to contact TSCS, please feel free to:

Useful Links & FAQ

What do I do when my computer breaks?

Contact us! We can help you diagnose and troubleshoot.

The Computer Store is also a great on-campus resource for hardware problems ( view on map ›)

What software does Thayer provide for me?

Much of the software you will need for class or work will be available in the Thayer Computer Labs or accessible via our  Virtual Computer Lab.
Software in the Virtual Lab includes -- but is not limited to -- 
For a full list of available software see our  Software article ›

Can I access ThayerFS, Jumbo, Virtual Lab software etc. from home?

Yes, but you will need to be logged onto Thayer's Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
Click here for instructions on how to log on.

How do I connect to the VPN?

Thayer's VPN is called Big IP Edge Client. You will need to first install it and then log on with your NetID and password. Full instructions can be found  here.

How do I use my Thayer Shares (ThayerFS) storage?

We provide Thayer students and faculty with free storage space on some of our Thayer servers. There are a number of different ways to connect to the ThayerFS or Jumbo servers, depending on what operating system you're on. See our  Thayer Shares Connecting article for instructions.

Can I reserve a Thayer room for a meeting or study group?

Yes, you can use Dartmouth's Virtual EMS to reserve a room. Go to, click Log in in the top left corner of the menu bar, then new options should appear in the menu bar, including a Reservations option.

How do I use the plotters (large format printers)?

For help with the Plotters see  Plotter Instructions ›
For general printing help see  Printing at Thayer ›

What is Kite Drive and how do I use it?

Kite Drive is Thayer's instance of Google Drive, where we provide unlimited data storage for all Thayer faculty, staff, and students. To log on, go to or download the Google Drive client to sync folders on your local computer.
For more thorough documentation, visit our  Kite Drive article ›

How do I record a lecture? 

We have automated lecture recording in many Thayer classrooms and conference rooms. To schedule a recording contact us at For information on where lecture recording is available see our Lecture Capture article.
For help using Projectors, Document Cameras, or Tablet Monitors in class, see the  Audiovisual section of our Knowledge Base

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